PVZ is a pick-up point opened within a partnership agreement with an express delivery service. It is a partner warehouse for the storage of VILAVI products specific reserve, which allows quick forming and issuing of orders after their registration in the User account. PVZ reduces the time and cost of delivery, since the product is in stock at our partner warehouse in the destination city.

To open a PVZ in a town, two conditions must be met:

- 2 active representatives of the 3 CARAT rank in the town 
- the total monthly turnover in the city: 25,000 GPV for three consecutive months. 

Please send applications for opening a PVZ to info@vilavi.com. All conditions at the time of the application submission must be met.

To support the PVZ operation in a town, it is necessary to fulfill the following condition: 

- monthly total turnover in the town - at least 25,000 GPV 

If the total turnover for three consecutive months in the town does not reach 25,000 GPV, the PVZ is closed.