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Compression suit for men

Please pay your attention that each suit is manufactured individually. Term of manufacturing – up to 14 days.
Do you go to the gym, do crossfit, regularly participate in regional and federal sports events? Cannot line without sport and active leisure? Than the compression clothes Tayga8 is just the thing that you need!
- Soft, pleasant cloth
- Excellent runoff of moisture without sense of discomfort
- It fits for weight, functional and cardio types of training
- Technicolor prints in the style of Tayga8, only the view of which charges you with power and positive energy
Clothes of the highest quality! It perfectly keeps fit, possesses wonderful elasticity and does not cause discomfort!

Cloth: South Korean Biflex Elastic. It provides extensive circumference of muscles (compression), extracts moisture and maintains optimal training temperature for the body. Does not cause allergic reaction.

Ratio of materials: 87% - polyester 13% - spandex


For the longest, faithful and loyal service of your compression clothes you need to follow only two simple rules:

1. Correct washing.

2. Correct drying.

Correct washing of compression clothes. Due to the fact that compression clothes are manufactured using high technology synthetic materials, it requires following of specific rules for washing, namely:

- Washing in gentle treatment mode (ideally –washing by hand)

- Temperature of water (important!) not more than 30 degrees.

- The product should be turned inside out before washing

- Use soft washing powders

Correct drying of compression clothes. During drying of compression clothes follow 2 rules: do not tumble dry and do not dry at heating radiator, that’s it.

So, taking care of compression clothes is quite simple act: Washing rashguard once a week is quite enough, and after each training it is enough just to rinse it in warm water.

- Do not wash at the temperature more than 30 degrees.

- Do not tumble dry or dry at heating radiator.

- Do not allow anyone wash or dry your rashguard in incorrect way.

By following these simple rules you can be sure that compression clothes will please you by its high quality for a very-very long time!