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Immuno Start

7 050

A set to boost your immunity and protect from diseases during the season of viruses and colds.

The set includes:

  • T8 EXTRA — a coniferous restoration concentrate to reinforce you immunity,
  • T8 VITEN — optimization of your immunity at the cell level,
  • T8 VISEPT — a natural antiseptic for the protection of skin and surfaces from viruses and bacteria,
  • T8 SPLASH — a surge of your power in a convenient format.

We have formed the set to strengthen your natural protection at the most.

Composition: SibXP Complex (cell fluid of Siberian fir, polyprenol concentration (85%), coniferous complex CGNC).

Composition: RNK complex, Pine lichen extractum, Cedar nut extractum, Lime extractum, Birch extractum, mint powder, bean extractum, placental component of cedar pine nut, anhydrous citric acid.

Composition: Water, Abies extractum, Pine extractum, Picea extractum, Ledum extractum, Kedrum extractum, viburnum extractum, Salvia, Chamomilla.

Composition: Water, Sorbitol, Fir Cell Fluid, polysorbate-80, polyprenols 85%, Ginseng extractum, Schizandra extractum, stevioside, menthol.

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