This is a service for door-to-door delivery of your order by a courier to the address specified during order registration. Goods are delivered within Russia, and also to Belarus and Kazakhstan from the main warehouse of the Company in Novosibirsk by SPSR and DPD courier services, and to other countries of the world - by DHL and Speedy JSC.

Delivery within Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan 
To place an order, select the country, specify the locality and click "Check delivery possibility”. If delivery to your locality is possible, you will only have to specify an exact delivery address. 

Please note! Delivery is carried out on weekdays during working hours - from 9pm to 6pm local time. If you are in the office at work during this time, provide the address of the office. 

If delivery to your locality is not possible, you can contact us using the feedback form in your User account, tell us the exact delivery address and our manager will call you to clarify all the details. 

Delivery to Other Countries
 Shipping to other countries is performed by DHL and Speedy JSC. To place an order, select the country and enter the exact address of delivery. 

Please note! When importing goods into Ukraine, the Baltic States, and to some other countries, some surcharges may apply for customs duties and VAT in accordance with the Customs Rules in these regions. These charges are set and levied by Customs authorities of the countries of destination. Accurate information can be found in the office of DHL or Speedy JSC in your country.

COST OF DELIVERY by courier service depends on the remoteness of your locality and on the weight of the parcel.

THE PERIOD OF DELIVERY is calculated for each order individually depending on the remoteness of your locality. It is specified in working days and is counted from the nearest working day following the day of ordering. The maximum delivery period is 7 business days.

Important - the period specified during the order registration is indicative only and may differ from the actual period.