Currently, the following payment methods are available for orders:

  • By Visa, Master Card, MIR bank card
  • By PayPal payment system
  • By payment system
  • Payment of the order with bonuses up to 100% except for products that have relevant store restrictions

Combined payment via your Personal Account is also possible: if the Bonus account does not have enough money to cover the entire cost of the order, you can use the Bonus account to pay for the part of it and pay the remaining amount using, PayPal payment system or a bank card.


Payment with cards issued by the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus is not accepted in the European Union.

Bank cards issued in the Russian Federation can only be used to pay for orders with the cost in rubles.

The only ways to make payments in the Republic of Belarus are through PayPal or bank cards that are the part of the MIR payment system, issued by one of the banks from the list (attach a link to the list).

Payment by bank cards as well as additional payment method by remittance order is available in Turkey.