Terms and conditions of return.

Procedure, terms and conditions of return are governed by consumer protection legislation.

In cases stipulated by law, the return of products is possible within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of receipt of the products.

Food products of proper quality, some non-food products of proper quality, in particular: personal hygiene items, oral hygiene products, perfumery and cosmetic products, textiles, garments and knitwear, and custom-made products are not subject to return.

The buyer must read the rules for payment of customs duties before placing an order. Refunds are not made if the recipient refuses to pay customs duties.

Products of proper quality can be returned only if their presentation and consumer properties are preserved.

Refunds are made only after the Seller receives the products.

When returning products of proper quality, the Seller withholds the cost of delivery of the products from the amount due to the Buyer. Withholding costs include shipping to the recipient and return to sender.

When selling products of inadequate quality, the buyer has the right to present a claim for the refund for the amount paid for a low-quality product or its exchange during the shelf life of the products.

Upon submission of a claim for a refund, the Buyer has to return the products.

The term for consideration of the Buyer's request for the refund of the amount paid for a low-quality product or its exchange is up to ten working days from the date of the corresponding request. The claim can be sent to info@vilavi.com.

The amount paid for a defective product is refunded by the Seller as per the original method of payment within a period not exceeding 30 banking days.

The low-quality products are returned at the expense of the Seller. Address to return products: 9000 Varna, 28, At.Moskov street