You, as the subject of personal data, hereby give consent to VILAVI INT LTD with its registered office at ( Dimostheni Severi 12, 6th floor, Office 601, 1080, Nicosia, Cyprus ) to process your personal data, the list of which is set out in the clause 3.2. of Privacy Policy, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, detailing (updating, alteration), extraction, use, transmission (distribution, provision, access), including cross-border transfer of data under the current EU laws, depersonalization, blocking, removal, destruction of personal data, with or without use of automaton means for the purposes, stated in the clause 4.1 of Privacy Policy.

You agree that in addition to VILAVI INT LTD, third parties (partners and counterparties of VILAVI INT LTD) have access to your personal data in full. Information can be transferred to third parties only if it is an integral part of the transaction (for example, the name, surname, address, telephone, email, delivery address can be transferred to the delivery service or processing service for VISA / MC payments). VILAVI INT LTD guarantees the observance of your following rights: the right to receive data that which of your personal data are kept by VILAVI INT LTD; the right to delete, clarify or correct the personal data kept by VILAVI INT LTD; other rights provided for by the current EU laws.

The consent given by you to the process your personal data is valid until VILAVI INT LTD has reached the relevant purpose of processing it or until you have withdrawn this consent.
You may revoke your consent to process your personal data at any time. In this case, VILAVI INT LTD must suspend processing your personal data or ensure the termination of such processing (if the processing of personal data is carried out by another person acting on behalf of VILAVI INT LTD) and in the event that the retention of personal data is no longer required for the processing of personal data, destroy personal data or ensure its destruction (if the processing of personal data is carried out by another person acting on behalf of VILAVI INT LTD) under EU laws, unless otherwise provided by the contract, in respect of which you are the party, the beneficiary or guarantor, by another agreement between VILAVI INT LTD and you, or if VILAVI INT LTD is not entitled to process personal data without your consent for reasons, provided for by EU laws.

You can send a review of the previously granted consent to process your personal data to VILAVI INT LTD by sending an appropriate application at

In the cases, provided for by law, VILAVI INT LTD may continue to process your personal data after the withdrawal of your consent.