PUP on the basis of a partner’s warehouse (Yakutsk)

In this city, within the framework of cooperation with SDEK, there is a partner’s warehouse for product storage, which allows for substantial reduce of shipping term.

PUP is a pick-up point opened under a partnership agreement with the delivery service. This is a partner’s warehouse for storage of a certain VILAVI products supply, which allows to process and deliver orders fast after their placement in the Personal Account. PUP reduces terms and cost of delivery, because the product is in stock at the partner’s warehouse in the destination city.

When placing an order in these cities, you need to pick a pick-up point on the basis of SDEK. After the order is processed  at the warehouse, you will receive a SMS notification with a waybill number and warehouse address.

When placing an order, be cautious with the information. Specify the details of the person that will be receiving the order in My Order section, i.e. if it will not be you, you need to delete the automatically filled information and put in the information about the person that will be receiving the order.

If the order was primarily placed with your details, but you can not receive it, it is necessary to change the receiver. In order to do it, sent an e-mail to info@vilavi.com, put Change of the Receiver in the subject line. Specify the information – order number and contact details of the person who will be receiving the package (full name and current mobile phone number). The information on change of the receiver should be provided three days before the planned receipt.

Attention! The receiver can be changed only once.

You can find a waybill number in the Personal Account, as well. The order can be picked up at the warehouse at the address specified in the SMS or PA the very next day after you receive a notification.

Important! ALWAYS check content of the box when receiving the order! Sign documents of receipt only after checking the order. The content has to be checked in order to verify the products package integrity and presence of all positions listed in the order.

The company is not liable for non-conformity of the orders that were verified outside a PUP.

In case you received the order with damaged packaging (products content leaked out, packaging pox is crushed and damaged), you need to execute an act on the issue (the act should be executed directly in the PUP/post office) and to take a photo of the order. Send the photo with order number to our e-mail info@vilavi.com for settlement of the issue by replacement of inadequate products.

If you have any questions, please, contact us:

  • 8 800 700 6 888 (call is not charged within Russia
  • +7 (383) 383 06 13 for international calls
  • e-mailinfo@vilavi.com
  • by messages in the Personal Account

Please note that your question will be answered fast from Monday to Friday from 05 AM to 2 PM Moscow time, and questions received after working hours will be processed the next working day.