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EXO Orange mood

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Т8 EXO is your source of an alternative energy!

For those who:

  1. Try to burn fat and have intentions to lose weight
  2. Live in the LCHF style
  3. Search for an additional source of energy for the brain
  4. Want to be concentrated during the whole day
  5. Dream of sports achievements
  6. Strive to be productive
  7. Fully devote themselves to training
  8. Care about the beauty of their bodies

What is ЕХО?
‘Exo’ means ‘outside’. Speaking about ketones, exoketones are ketones that get into the body from external sources. In this case, we have EXO as a source of immediately available exoketones.

One should understand that the organism can synthesize ketones. Such ketones are called endogenous ketones from ‘endo’ meaning ‘inside’. In the organism, three types of ketone bodies are naturally produced. The process of ketone bodies formation in the body is called ketosis. It is the basis of the body’s metabolic transition to fats as fuel, which if the LCHF foundation. It happens, for example, when we feel hunger or during rigorous exercise. Of all ketone bodies, BHB is the main energy ketone.

BHB is β-hydroxybutyrate.

BHB is a high-quality alternative fuel for the whole body. It includes the provision of energy to our brain.

Why is EXO a product for the brain?

When EXO gets into the organism, it leads to a significant increase in the BHB level in the blood. BHB easily get to the brain, pass without encumbrance through the blood-brain barrier. In brain cell mitochondria, BHB cause a quick synthesis of ATF molecules providing energy to the brain and the whole nervous system.

The research of the Medical Department at the Tottori University in Japan in 2017 showed that an increase of BHB in the blood leads to a reduced level of neuroinflammation caused by stress. Scientists have proven that a BHB level increase in the organism due to intake of exogenous ketones is connected with an increase in the brain’s cognitive function.

  Ketones Glucose
Energy for brain
Energy for muscles
Improved cognitive brain function -
Improved cardiac function -
Improves physical stamina -
Improved fat metabolism -
Reduced weight -
Normalization of blood sugar level -
Appetite Suppresses Stimulates
Cravings for sweet and starchy foods -
Metabolic wastes -
Oxidative stress -
Reduces the risk of diabetes -
Reduces the risk of oncology -
Reduced chronic inflammation -

How to use:

  • Pour two spoons of EXO into a glass (the spoon is in the container)
  • Pour 250 ml of water
  • Drink


Additional information  
Portion amount 9 g
Portions in the package 20 portions
Net weight 180 g
Gross weight 230 g
Calories 15 kcal
Calcium 260 mg
Magnesium 75 mg
Sodium 510 mg
Potassium 200 mg
BHB 6 g

When can you take it?

  1. When you need to boost your brain activity
  2. Always when you need more energy
  3. Before training for enhanced efficiency
  4. After training for quick recuperation
  5. During the period of psychoemotional stress
  6. During the transition to LCHF for quicker habituation
  7. For a quick transition into ketosis
  8. Within LCHF, during the periods of increased amount of carbohydrates in the food*

*Works during the transition to LCHF nutrition

It is recommended to take T8 EXO 1-2 times a day, in the morning before breakfast or before training sessions.

Composition: BHB Calcium, BHB Magnesium and BHB Sodium, potassium citrate,  citric acid, apple acid, stevia extract, beta carotene, orange natural identical flavor.

Contraindications: EXO is contraindicative to people with diabetes, pregnant women and young people under 18.

Gross weight: 220 g

Shelf life: 2 years

Products have not been evaluated by the European Medicines Agency or Food and Drug Administration.
Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.