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STЁKLA with yellow lenses (76%)

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Т8 STЁKLA glasses are a useful item for daily sleep-wake rhythm support which contributes to the production of melatonin and supports mitochondrial health of every cell in the body.

Blue Blocker technology blocks 76% of harmful blue light from screens, gadgets and artificial light sources.

  • Perfect for daily use when working on your computer or smartphone
  • It is advised to use from 12.00 am till the evening (sunset).

Daily use of Т8 STЁKLA:

  • Help in optimizing the body's circadian rhythms, restoring the mitochondrial pool of each cell of the body, which improves its performance and endurance and prolongs youth,
  • Helps to reduce the load on the eye retina,
  • Have a positive effect on visual acuity at dusk.

To achieve a better effect, we advise to use it together with T8 STЁKLA with orange lenses (96%).

Why do we advise to use T8 STЁKLA together?

  • They optimize brain function,
  • Convert UV and high-powered blue light into yellow and orange light spectra,
  • Convert blue LED light into eye-friendly one (help to relax),
  • Adjust serotonin/melatonin ration, which reduces depression and insomnia,
  • Affect the biological clock — circadian rhythms.

Being in modern society, we are always exposed to blue light from screens of electronic devices and lamps. Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy circadian rhythms using T8 STЁKLA with yellow lenses in the afternoon and using T8 STЁKLA with orange lenses before going to sleep.

Attention! The lenses do not have diopters.

Composition of glasses: 100% plastic

Composition of the case: PU leather 90%, polyester 10%