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T8 MIT UP is a functional healthy food product that is focused on improving the functioning of the mitochondrial cell pool.

The main active ingredients of T8 MIT UP are concentrated pomegranate extract and SibXP Complex.

What is useful for the mitochondria of pomegranate juice?

  • Pomegranate juice is one of the richest natural sources of polyphenolic compounds called ellagotannins. In our intestines, they quickly disintegrate with the formation of ellagic acid. The microbiota of the small intestine processes it and as a result, a substance called urolitin A is obtained.
  • Urolitin A is critically needed to maintain the health of the mitochondrial pool in all cells of our body. This compound initiates the processes of mitophagy-the destruction of mitochondria damaged as a result of oxidative stress. After that, new, full-fledged mitochondria begin to form intensively in the cell, capable of producing more energy. Studies have shown that urolitin A deficiency is one of the important factors of premature cellular aging due to insufficient energy supply to the cells of most organs. In addition, in the experiment, the influx of urolitin A significantly improved the tolerance of physical and mental stress due to improved energy generation in the mitochondria.

What are polyprenols useful for mitochondria?

  • The second component of T8 MIT UP is a SibXP complex, containing polyprenols, fir cell juice and coniferous paste CGNC. To maintain the normal functioning of the mitochondrial pool and ensure adequate energy generation, the antioxidant properties of polyprenols are primarily important. During the synthesis of ATP molecules, free radicals are formed on the mitochondrial membranes. And the higher the stress conditions in which mitochondria work, the more such substances appear. Free radicals damage both the membranes themselves and the internal mitochondrial structures, impairing their functions and eventually leading to the death of the mitochondria. Polyprenols chemically bind free radicals, thereby neutralizing their aggressiveness.

How to use T8 MIT UP?

Only 1 sachet of T8 MIT UP, taken in the morning 30 minutes before meals, will help you maintain the health of mitochondria in every cell of your body. This will provide you with an influx of strength and energy, which will be enough for a productive working day, and for a busy evening with family or friends.

Composition: collagen hydrolysate, purified water, SibXP Complex, pomegranate extract, pomegranate juice concentrate (urolithin A), natural stevia extract.

Sachets in the packaging: 21 pcs. x 10 g.

Net weight: 210 g.

Contraindications: allergy to chicken protein and acetic acid, individual intolerance to the components.

Shelf life: 1 year.

Products have not been evaluated by the European Medicines Agency or Food and Drug Administration.
Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.