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Shaker T8 TO GO


T8 TO GO functional shaker with a metal mixing ball.

Volume 500 ml. It is suitable for preparing T8 TO GO mixture, where it is recommended to mix 50 g of powder with 200 ml of liquid. A ball mixes ingredients, so the entire available volume of the shaker can be used for the cocktail.

T8 TO GO shaker is made of high-quality food-grade plastic without hazardous substances.

  • You can always mix the right portion — there is a measuring scale.
  • There is a loop for holding the shaker or attaching any accessories.
  • It has a reliable shape — a tight-fitting lid prevents spilling.
  • Durable material that copes with mechanical influences and does not slip in the hand.

And, of course, cool design and beautiful colour!

Prepare nutritious drinks with T8 TO GO energy protein blend.

Composition: Food grade tritane

Volume: 500 ml.